We understand that your precious child/children are the best children in the world but never the less they can be uncooperative during their portrait session. Here are 5 helpful tips on things to do and not do during your child’s portrait session.

The 5 Do’s

  • Be Patient

It is important to be patient with your child and let them be who they are. Often the most genuine smiles come when the child is happy and is not feeling pressure or stress. If you are interrupting the session, it will be harder for us to get great images for you.

  • Do have your child fed and rested

You’ve heard the term happy wife happy life. The same can goes for a child’s portrait session. Happy child happy photo. You will get a great portrait if your child is fed and well rested and not fussy and hungry.

  • Be happy

If you, the parent, are in a bad mood your child will pick up on that feeling and tension and they will be uncomfortable and uncooperative. Try to remain relaxed and calm. Let us direct your child. We are professionals and this is not our first session. Have faith that we know what we are doing.

  • Be silent

If you are spouting off directions to your child while the photographer is trying to get the shot done your child will be confused and not know who to listen to. Usually, it is better for the parent to just stay back. We can always ask for your help if needed.

  • Be ready

Please have your child ready. If you are having multiple outfit changes have those clothes out and ready. The less time that is taken up dressing your child the more opportunities there will be for your child to be photographed.
The 5 Don’t Do’s

  • Don’t rush

Don’t rush your child. Let your child be who they are. Their personality will show through and you can get great portraits that show a sense of who your child is.

  • Don’t get haircuts the day before.

What if something happens and you don’t like how your child’s hair looks. This portrait session is scheduled and that bad hair day will be documented. Is that something you really want?

  • Don’t get upset with your child

Getting upset with your child while their portrait session is going on is not a great idea. If your child is acting up or not cooperating because they are losing their attention span or getting bored the photographer will try a few things to reign them in. If that doesn’t work we will ask for your help. If it turns out that it’s not going to happen that day we can always reschedule.

  • Don’t Discipline

We are not saying to not ever discipline your child. What we mean is that if you have a portrait session scheduled and your child is not behaving at the studio or on location, please don’t discipline your child to where they are going to cry.
We want to make sure you get portraits that you will love, and if we capture a red faced, tear drenched child who looks dissheveiled from a good whoopin’ you will not like that portrait one bit. Please wait until your portrait session is done.

  •  Don’t tell your child that their smile is fake.

We know what a fake smile looks like. We can usually tell if your child has faked their smile. Of course we are going to get that photographed but please don’t tell them that their smile is fake or not real. When you do that most children will grow up to hate their smile and will turn out to not ever smile when their photos are being taken when they get older. Espescially as teenagers. We will try to make them laugh. Just stay in the background and let us handle the session. Also, smiling is not a necessity for every image. The serious look can be great at times.