We are always looking at new products to offer you. Is it high quality? Is it unique? Is it modern? These are just a few questions we ask ourselves before deciding whether or not to offer certain products.
We want you to feel that your portrait is a piece of art to share with everyone when you display it on your walls at home or in your office. So without further adieu, we want to show you one of the new products that we decided to offer this year: the metal print! We feel that a metal print is a unique, modern, high quality art piece that you will be proud to display in your home or office. The colors on these prints is phenomenal and they are meant to last!
We offer 2 types of metal prints… flat and curved. A flat metal print is a gorgeous, colorful print that you can mount on your wall.  The curved probably won’t hang well, but it is gorgeous when displayed on a shelf, mantel or desk. With a curved or flat metal print, you will stand out among your friends and family by having something that they probably don’t have.  We are super excited about these and can’t wait to show you the curved metal print in person!
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