So, you have scheduled your family portrait and the big day is coming up. What to wear, what to wear. Your first instinct might to be to go out and buy everyone matching khakis and polo shirts in the same color and honestly, your first instinct is probably wrong. I am not saying that its the worst idea in the world, but its not the best either.
A better idea is to make everyone match, but not be the same. For example, have everyone wear a blue dress shirt. This will give you varying shades of blue with different styles, but will all remain on the same color palette and will be cohesive. Or maybe everyone wears jeans and their favorite polo shirt. This will put everyone in the same shirt, but different colors. A good rule of thumb is to remember that either your outfits should either be in the same color palette or be complimentary colors or if not, then they should be the same type. Also, make sure that everyone is dressed up or down appropriately. All of you should either be dressed up or dressed down. Formal or casual. Trendy or traditional. It will look strange if some of you are wearing dress shirts with ties and some are wearing basketball shorts and a tank top. The important thing is to make your group cohesive, so you look like you are together and not a bunch of strangers.
Now, PATTERNS!! We beg you, avoid extensive patterns, lines, stripes, slogans & logos. Slogans & logos will date your pictures and are distracting. If you are all wearing shirts with a particular logo or slogan, make sure it is the same or similar on everyone. Otherwise, ditch it for something solid colored. Stripes and lines can work, as long as they do not overwhelm the outfit and are only part of the ensemble, rather then the whole thing.  (See below)
If any of this is confusing to you, we would be happy to explain further. We want your session to go smoothly and with as little stress as possible.
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