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We are so glad you stopped by our new website to check it out! As you can see, we have changed some things around and have updated some of our work. We decided that we wanted to focus our efforts on tweens and high school seniors, so this site is all about them. We...

Ruskin FL; Our March adventure

“Ruskin? Yup, we’ve been there!”

Morgan; a little girl full of strength

If you would like to learn more about Morgan by following her story or if you can help her and her family, please find her on her Facebook page Morgans Journey. Her, and kids like her, so desperately need a miracle.



Just sitting here on the corner of Awesome and Bombdiggity! Best friends who love to travel, laugh at silly things and car dance. Avid watchers of Game of Thrones, Vikings and The Big Bang Theory. Creative, quirky and sometimes ridiculous. Can be swayed with pie or brownies.  

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